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Google photos made this little collage for me and I liked it. Maybe you will too

#rabbit #declan #furiosa #bunny #rabbits #bunnies

Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

Corporations will be here soon. News will be here soon. Being able to have your own domain and run your own instance is going to be the thing that sticks.

Today I'm thinking that the first time I was called a pedophile merely for being trans was the same day (and from the same people) that I first was called slurs that were direct quotes of a comedian’s special that just came out. This was 2019.

Media figures normalize hate.

A new #Jepsen report! We analyzed @redpandadata (a Kafka-compatible distributed queue) and discuss crashes, aborted reads, inconsistent offsets, and lost/stale messages, along with some potentially surprising aspects of the Kafka transaction protocol.

Retoot if you are loving the tooterverse. 🥰🐘💨

Is there an official Mastodon account for the Mastodon project/org/etc? This is somewhat difficult to search because Mastodon mastodon is not a great search term 😂

Well, Min our Corgi puppy (19 weeks!) doesn’t have an account on here just yet so: have a sleepy pup.

I absolutely HATE that I have to be a trans rights activist and argue with so many people just so I can go on with my life. I want to just be me, I want to be able to have the CHOICE of being an activist and not have it be a requirement to be valid in the eyes of society.

posting "punch nazis" on twitter: banned for inciting violence

posting "punch nazis" on mastodon: gaining the respect of the admin

It’s wild to think the Musk Divorce (44bn to Twit) beats the Bezos Divorce (38bn to Scott)

Since there’s a lot of new people trying out Mastodon, something to be cautious about: your DMs can be read by admins of your instance and the instance of the recipient, and when your toots cross an instance boundary, it’s possible for your private toots to get boosted. Some of the privacy guards in place on platforms you’ve used before don’t work the same here.

Mastodon is a lot like bojack horseman

- mostly pretty funny but sometimes sad
- will last for about six years
- half of us are animals


So where are all the Brands™️ to engage with on here?

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