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idk what to put for my first uhhh, tweet? What do I call these? toots? so here is Chonk being magnificent:

We bought a US Forest Service cabin in a national forest 😯

🎶 Fred-hundred Dursty-five thousand Limp-hundred Bizkits 🎶

The blue bird hellsite is even more hell than usual lately. So hi 👋🏼 here is another picture of Min:

"People protesting the regressive decisions of an unelected Supreme Court body or the latest police killing are portrayed as uncivil and dangerous, but the policies that kill those uprisings are all too normal. 

Much of the violence we’re used to being inflicted on us is codified in what’s called: the law. The U.S. uses the law to uphold white supremacy and capitalism. Legality is the framework used to secure perpetual injustice."

This is just a reminder that I run The Trans Port BBS, a friendly and comfortable hangout for trans folk. We have a bunch of friendly nerds there, but it's still small and could use help growing! If that interests you, hit me up for info. and instructions. :) Boosts welcome!

Just donated to the Chelsea fund, an abortion fund that helps Wyoming people who need access to abortion.

I know I know a few other tech workers that make decent money. If that's you, do what I did: find a local abortion fund and donate. It takes just a few minutes.

Signal and Telegram "secret groups" are nice way to communicate while not being monitored, just saying for those that it could become useful in the upcoming days...

Don't say shit on here or on Twitter/FB/Whatsapp/... 🙂

Also, Fun fact: In the USA, you cannot be forced to reveal password BUT you can be forced to unlock phone using fingerprint/face ID, if for any reason this could apply to you, I encourage you to disable both way and just rely on a good old password instead!

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If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

Super excited to start at Honeycomb today. I’m also really excited to get back to working on Apache Kafka. After what happened at my last job, I’m also just happy to start working at a place I won’t have to defend my right to exist.

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