Hey everyone, it's fat femme Friday!

(Eye-contact folk: Should I tag anything with my eyes in it even if I'm not making eye contact with the camera?)

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@PastaThief I'd say that's not necessary. As much as I hate irl eye contact, I don't have a problem with looking off-camera here, because well that's not eye contact.

Also hey up 👋

@PastaThief I think this is fine as far as eye contact is concerned, and also conveniently your eyes are off screen unless I click on the picture so you can sort of choose to engage with it or not anyway!

@PastaThief I really like that dress. Looks great on you too

@enby Aww, thank you! That means a lot. :) It's actually just a top. I've been wearing it with a black side slit skirt and grey socks today.

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