Neal Stephenson's eco-thriller, "Termination Shock," was released on October 27th, 2021. I read it a few months ago. One of its first big eco-shock predictions about the future was an airport being closed because the runway melted. That actually happened, not in the 2040s, but last month, at London Luton Airport in the UK.

@PastaThief …which might be easy to dismiss as “well no one realised that some airports would be so vulnerable to the problem”, but that’s the whole point: *we don’t know* how vulnerable a lot of our infrastructure is, or at what point it starts to break down

@considermycatjohn Yeah. To be fair, the Stephenson prediction was more about fuel performance at various temperatures than runway melting, although that was an element of it. I imagine it must have happened before. But I was discussing it on the bird site and one thing I mentioned is that right now infrastructure and construction practices are very regional. The UK wasn't the hottest place in the world, but it was hot where the heat wasn't expected and built/prepared for.

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