This is just a reminder that I run The Trans Port BBS, a friendly and comfortable hangout for trans folk. We have a bunch of friendly nerds there, but it's still small and could use help growing! If that interests you, hit me up for info. and instructions. :) Boosts welcome!

@RainofTerra No, it's telnet/SSH. :) I can DM you the details if you like!

@PastaThief what if I *want* a modem?

I guess I can just make the noise myself and use ssh though. Sure!

@RainofTerra Amazingly, someone else JUST asked if they can connect with a modem if they want to. Sadly, I don't have a phone line, but I promised to look into it if enough people want that. :) (I suppose I could try to get fancy with some kind of VOIP action.)

@RainofTerra @PastaThief
The trick to getting into secret computer conversations is to be able to make that tone at the beginning of the modem handshake noise. :P

@Tourma @RainofTerra I can't be the only one who used to dial into modems as a kid and make noises at them, can I?

@Tourma @RainofTerra @PastaThief

As a young adult doing national dial-up troubleshooting over the phone, one test I did when people only had one line was to force the modem to answer (ATA) and I would make appropriate noises with my voice to see if the modem reacted. When it didn’t at all, it usually indicated a line problem often from too many phones on the line or a phone cord that was too long.

Its a weird talent, but it worked. 🤓

@PastaThief ooh i like me a bbs :3 will it work on Amiga/Atari? :p

@bongmaster It should. I'm not familiar with the terminal software for Atari. I'm sure Amiga will be okay. It ideally needs something that supports PC ANSI and Codepage 437.

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