What are some things you love or hate or love to hate or have never seen and would love to see in a JRPG?

(Pls. boost.)

@PastaThief I've never play a JRPG, so I probably can't offer much in the way of help :)

@ada What's something you'd love to see in a game of any kind? :) This is the complete spitballing stage, so there are no wrong answers. :)

@PastaThief @ada

The kid who's temper tantrums in His and Her Circumstances were represented by her going off like an Angel in Evangellion was such a hoot.

@emma @ada That sounds hilarious. :) Mostly it'll be a matter of representing it within my abilities and the tools I'm using, but I'll have to give that some thought. :)

@PastaThief @ada

A friend worked with that bunch in the early 90's, and they were a train wreak, but they did invent some tropes.

@tykayn Japanese-style computer RPGs. Think of the earlier Zelda and Final Fantasy games as examples.

hehe thanks, i was kidding.
i love detailled backgrounds, characters having all their own way to talk. and yeah i do not like the trope of the princess to save

@PastaThief Please avoid the male gazey fanservice and/or lolita nonsense that seems so endemic to the genre these days (or maybe it always has been, and it was just hard to tell when you only got a handful of pixels…)

Sometimes it feels like there's too much to do, which sounds weird but makes me feel a bit overwhelmed.

@PastaThief it always bothers me when you have to leave characters behind because of party size limits. I'd like to see party management mechanics that allow characters not in the active party to contribute in combat--maybe like summons or Smash Bros assists, or even just more opportunities to change who's in the active party

@PastaThief Every JRPG and its siblings seems to fixate on swords, summons, and spells, and usually fantasy settings. Love to see something science fiction, or maybe steampunk or Renaissance!

@PastaThief Planescape Torment was interesting in that they deliberately minimized swords as a weapon. Beyond that... Kung fu JRPG? Gun-fu with sharpshooters versus two-pistol duelists? Have everyone be mages, but some people are 'combat casters' and others are ritualists? Lots of possibilities!

@PastaThief I LOVE (optional) timing/mini-game elements that make battles more engaging and reward effort (see early Paper Mario's battle system and Mother 3's hidden rhythm-based damage boost).

I also love when turn order is affected by character speed, i.e. when there's a timeline of who attacks when, and faster characters appear more frequently & can act more than once per "round"

Another important element I always appreciate in JRPGs is rewarding exploration. If there are branching paths or out-of-the-way areas, they should be there for a reason rather than just to fill out the space. Even if the dead end is just another battle or a bit of money or some extra lore or just a really nice view, there should never be no reason for having gone there. If you can't think of something to put there, then take the area out!

@PastaThief People who have a religion and aren't demonised for it, honestly.

Like there's always the Evil Church and the Corrupt Priest and like. I'd love to see a character who has a faith that's just part of the story, not this big thing to overthrow.

- Fun battle systems (see: mario and luigi series, paper mario ttyd)
- Quick battle transitions (see: Suikoden 1)
- Plot twists that you'd never see coming (see: Trails series, Baten Kaitos)
- That one character who's an expert at wielding the assault tuba or whatever other ridiculous weapon (see: baten kaitos, most tales games)

- Awkward forced romance subplots
- Sexualizing every feminine character
- Random battles (use "touch monster to start battle" instead)


Would love to see but never have:
- Nonhuman protagonists and i don't mean "dragon but has a human form" or "human with long ears" i mean just not human and doesn't even look human
- Related to the above: protagonists with non-standard body layout in a way that matters mechanically (four-armed characters able to quad-wield one-handed weapons, for instance, or use a shield and a 2-handed weapon; or taur characters with higher equip load and more expensive armor, etc)


@PastaThief Job systems with cute costume changes. Final Fantasy X and Octopath Traveler did it the best, the latter being really cool for how they tie it into character plus being really elegant and minimalist about it.

@PastaThief I love character arcs in random NPCs that have no bearing on anything, they’re just living their lives. I will go out of my way to check on everyone between missions.

@PastaThief oh, and especially when party characters develop a relationship with each other that has nothing to do with the player/viewpoint character

@PastaThief Late-game world regions basic palette-swapped mobs are stronger than the first boss you meet in the game.

@PastaThief I would love to see a JRPG where you level down and have to strategically manage getting weaker and weaker.
Though that would be a massive genre subversion, considering how much these games build on vertical progression.

@hay @PastaThief This is a really interesting idea if you can pull it off just right! It could possibly help with power creep and balance issues later on in the game!

I can even see a mid-game mission where the only way to progress is to let someone really weak (a child?) beat you or something (maybe optional or tricky to avoid), but it's literally impossible unless you lower your level somehow so you have to learn where some kind of soul sucking things live and lose enough power to progress!

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