I had a lot of fun playing online board games tonight with @slimepsychic , @Cryptika , and @spicytamazon this evening. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits! And congratulations to @Cryptika for the win! :)

I've been really hankering to play Scythe. But like... the physical game. (The digital implementation is fine if you have no other options, but it's really not the same.)

I think I've finally come up with the perfect watch face for me.

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

Just got back from an evening at the board game cafe with a friend. It was a fun time! We playtested a game that she made, which was fun and on which I provided a few small comments, and then managed to defeat the evil at Elder Sign. :)

Someone just popped by from the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) soliciting donations, and he mentioned that right now there's apparently a TEN YEAR waiting list for guide dogs. TEN YEARS! Like... wow. That's not good.

You know you've had a relaxed day when your partner sends a message to the household channel announcing that they're going to order pizza for dinner and wondering if anyone's joining and your reply is, "I'm eating breakfast at the moment, so I might pass."

CW: Eye contact 

Bleurh. Tired. Incoherent. Mah face.

It turns out that falling asleep momentarily every few minutes and waking up having been holding down arrow keys for an indeterminate amount of time adds a whole exciting new challenge layer to 2048.

Well, I've installed a 2048 game with a system-wide leaderboard on the BBS. I'll see you all in like a year.

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by stream! I ... didn't raid anyone! Because I completely forgot! It was my first time back and I was a hot mess, but I think we had fun? Incredible Crisis was super weird and surprisingly stressful. Next time: Star Trek - First Contact!

Uhh. I'm gonna stream in about ten minutes. I'll be playing Incredible Crisis for the Playstation 1. I have no idea why I'm doing this either. I haven't finished setting everything up. It's gonna be a disaster! Come join me!


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important research about cats being friends with each other: "Cats learn the names of their friend cats in their daily lives"


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there’s been some cute trans positive stickers in my area lately.

This one is a plain white sticker with “trans women enrich womanhood” handwritten on it. The sticker is on a shiny metal pole and there are office buildings lit up in the background.

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The most useful #Gàidhlig phrase I learned during Covid lockdowns:

Tha mi cho reamhar ri ròn.

… I am as fat as a seal.

For anyone who feels a need for extra solidarity, because I'm feeling sassy today.

[CW: Eye contact.]

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I find the website horrid (too much scrolling, huge text), but I absolutely read and absorbed the paragraph on the right faster than the one on the left, and I'm pretty headachey and brain foggy today.

I kind of wish people documented stuff even a little bit sometimes.

I'm trying to whip together a quick MPL script, but like, there's zero documentation for most of it, and I'm hitting one aspect that should be trivial but for which I can't find any information.

There was a google docs thread in 2017 where the person who created MPL was like, "Oh yeah, I really need to document it," but I didn't see any kind of update on the situation after that.

Well, I broke down and bought a WiFi modem. :) Now I'll be able to login to my BBS from the Apple IIe sitting RIGHT NEXT TO IT. :)

(I wonder if I could have just used the Serial/USB adapter that I already have? Oh well. This will also allow me to connect to other things online. I'm told it can even act as an ethernet adapter.)

Sadly, between all my road tripping and my BBS fiddling (I even logged in remotely this morning to fix the maps in the Murder Mansion door game!), I didn't actually manage to prepare an entry for . :( Congratulations to all who did, and I look forward to listening when I get home!

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