Hey, y'all! Come watch me flip out over adorable critters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! I'm live RIGHT NOW!

Link: twitch.tv/TahrFantastico

With today's tight transit schedules, maybe the transit commission should consider recruiting non-humans as drivers. I hear a good metro gnome can really keep things on time.

This hidden object I'm playing is slowly teaching me to be happy about car batteries and spark plugs because they almost always mean there will also be a cat.

I'm live now with Two Guys from Andromeda's SpaceVenture (the latest point-and-click from the makers of Space Quest)! Come join us for the mayhem!

Link: twitch.tv/TahrFantastico

Stream was a ton of fun tonight! Thank you to everyone who showed up! And special thanks to @_clawfoot_ for being my special guest and to @LuminaDragon for raiding us! We passed the raid on to n8tehadventurer, who was installing Windows 98 on real hardware. :)

Come join @_clawfoot_ and I LIVE NOW for our co-op stream of Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced), a two-player RPG in which we promise to be thoroughly confused. :) (No seriously, it's a cool, laid-back time.)

Link: twitch.tv/TahrFantastico

I updated my Collaboration Scene for OBS and I'm excited about it!

For those who haven't tuned in to my streams, it's loosely based on BeOS.

All the "Windows" are now draggable, resizable, stackable, separate entities. I can change the desktop image like you would on a real computer.

There are separate audio sources for each participant and the game.

MUCH better.

The only thing I can't really do is make the "Tracker" respond to window hides, but... *shrug*

Join me live NOW as I play Pokemon Legends: Arceus and do my best to figure out what the game is about and how I feel about its highly questionable ethics!


Join me live, now for my first play of SpaceVenture, a brand new point-and-click adventure from the creators of SpaceQuest, a series I also have not played! 100% guaranteed to have no idea what I'm doing! :)


Alright folks, I'm live now with my first-ever play of Pokémon Legends: Arceus! Come join me as I stumble through this game. :) It'll be a laid-back, goofy time!


I think I'm going to stream tonight at around 7PM Eastern again (in about 45 minutes). I'm likely to be playing Pokemon Arceus Legends! I have no idea what I'm doing and it'll be my first play. Join me! (I'll link when I go live.)

I think we're live with our special guest @clawfoot !!! We'll be playing Divine Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition once we get the kinks worked out. Join us!


I watched "Nope" tonight, and it's really great. If you like horror films you should definitely watch it.

It hammered some personal trauma triggers for me pretty hard. They didn't go all-in on them and eventually eased off and took a different direction. By the end, I was pretty under control.

I just went to get a drink and I found myself tensing up and being hyper-aware whenever I was in front of uncovered windows, which isn't something I've had in years. My back muscles are all knotted up.

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I was looking forward to having a day off work, and woke up to this. I'm sorry to ask for help but please share. Just getting eyes on this would be a huge help.

Thank you...

My car was reposessed! Please help me get it back. Click to Donate


I was just trying to think of the word for the period of time that indicates something originated in Texas (I'm now awake enough to realize that's not a thing) and I finally settled on "last Tednesday".

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lewd ?, shitpost 

you ever think about how the phrase "explored each other's bodies" is less explicit than "had sex" but implies a way more intimate activity ?

like, you can technically have sex through a hole in a wall or a bedsheet and never really interact with the other person

but "exploring each other's bodies" implies a level of communication and trust and a certain level of vulnerability with the other person that "have sex with" doesn't necessarily

anyway, do you think woody and buzz lightyear ever explored each other's bodies ?

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